Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting the Killed by Deathwing Achievement - Success on Day 3

I just got killed by Deathwing and the Stood in the Fire achievement. I don't know why but I could swear it was a Feat of Strength. Regardless, I'm happy that I haven't spent the last 3 days camping Wetlands for nothing.
It all happened at around 15:30 server time, I was alt-tabbed and heard some serious music swelling with a very dark tone. I was so excited my hand was shaking as I clicked back into the game.
By the way, have you noticed how nobody took good pictures of this thing? I swore I would be the guy that does it proper if given the chance. Well...

I didn't.

I probably had 30 seconds to take a picture before it was too late. Unfortunately I panicked so hard that it was finally happening that I only did it when I was already dead.  At least I got Deathwing in the 2nd picture.
I'm glad it happened because I was beginning to doubt this camping method. It didn't involve much work on my part, I just alt-tabbed in and out while writing stuff and browsing the net. Guess it pays out to set goals and go for them even when you're just doing it in a game. And I got the achievement to prove it.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting the Killed by Deathwing Achievement - Day 2

Suddenly this getting killed by Deathwing achievement is not looking so cool. I've been camping Wetlands all day today and the better part of yesterday. No sign of metal chin so far. Only sounds of frogs croaking and this new music which, I have to say, is quite decent. It made me alt-tab in quick a few times when it started swelling.
"This must be it", I thought to myself "he's gonna torch the shit out of me in a second". No such luck... well not yet that is.
I'm not crying, I got something stuck in my eye...

Had a few visitors, even a couple of alliance folks. This server has so few Alliance characters on it that even seeing one should be a Feat of Strength. One of them killed me while I was away.. I ain't mad though, I would've probably done the same. Especially since he was a rogue. For some reason there's no rogue camaraderie at all, if I go in a battleground they're one of my first targets cause I know how to kill them easily.
Gonna end this here before it turns into a rogue QQ post. Cya next time, with hopefully better news.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting the Killed by Deathwing Achievement - Camping in Wetlands

Camping in Wetlands waiting to get killed by Deathwing Achievement or Stood in the Fire as it's called. I got to say this might take a while according to what I've read on the US forums. Figured I didn't have much to lose since I'm at my computer all day so I started researching for good camp locations. Most people point out the following zones:
  • Wetlands (very popular due to the video as well)
  • Tanaris
  • Southern Barrens
  • Plaguelands (one of the two, might be Western)
  • Stonetalon Mountains
I'm going with Wetlands because  it's the one I have hard evidence of. After scrutinizing the video I realized that the guy flew from somewhere south of Dun Modr to Swiftgear Station. The most noticeable landmark is that windmill and judging from where the flames are I decided to position myself here.

Any moment now...
As you can see I'm southeast of Swiftgear Station on a nice massive landmass. I don't want to be near water and not get burned or something stupid like that. Actually I don't even know if Deathwing burns you or just straight-out kills you, but I'm taking no chances.
So, right now I have my game minimized with the option to hear sounds when minimized on. I'm waiting for you Deathwing... don't stand me up.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Easy Tripping the Rifts Achievement, Elemental Invasion Was Boring and My New Goblin Trike

So whoever made this Tripping the Rifts achievement, or should I say FEAT OF STRENGTH surely had something else in mind at the time. I mean he wouldn't just call something a FoS without making it at least moderately engaging, right?! I don't know, the way they dish these achievements lately is pretty laughable... "oh you logged in during the Elemental Invasion Timmy?", "here's a badge of honor". Anyway I got it and I got pics to prove it.

Yes that's over 10k achievement points son. That's how I roll.
Speaking of disappointments what did you think of the Elemental Invasion? Couldn't hold a pale candle next to the zombie invasion last expansion. I guess all the QQ-ing payed off and they decided to not bother casuals with fun stuff, instead let them do Tripping the Rifts feats of strength by afk-ing in Orgrimmar. Orgrimmar, Stormwind whatever I'm Horde so I'm biased.

One good thing did happen though, I got my Goblin Trike. Before you ask me how please do a bit of research, let's just say it involved 7 dwarves and I'm not talking about Snow White.

They spinnin' n**** they spinnin'
 So yeah, that's about it I'm off to explore the new zones. Maybe I'll get that killed by Deathwing achievement, cause from what I heard unlike Tripping the Rifts that's... you know "hard". Cya on the flip-side.